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Posted on Mar 11, 2014, 8:44 PM, 0 Comment(s)

WE CHAT : Mitsuie_BAP

Hi , bad news I don't have much time to post something ,but, I'll post whenever I want and what ever I want hmp. So you can find me or stalk me ( if you want ) at above link. Um feel free to follow me too but please NO bashing, NO haters, NO bullshtt allowed because I'm the type who will annoyed instead! Don't dare me I'm serious. Thanks, love you alls have a nice day ahead .

Posted on Mar 31, 2012, 5:53 AM, 1 Comment(s)

Hello and a good day ,
im gonna quiet for long time I think .. but I will be back as soon as well .I want to focus on my study ,I only got half years left to faces SPM examination. hoping you guy pray for me ^^ . .
sorry if im make you waitng for my mail .I really busy lately .. just leave your footprints and I will hit you back as soon as possible .
thank you :)

Hai assalamualaikum ,
Ezaty akan berdiam diri untuk sementara waktu ini .. Tapi zaty akan kembali secepat yang mungkin .zaty akan on bila ada masa . Zaty nak fokus dengan SPM yang akan datang . Oleh itu, zaty nak sediakan payung sebelum hujan lah ni . Harap anda dapat doakan kejayaan zaty ya .amin~
maaf kalau zaty buat korang semua tertunggu2 mel dari zaty ya . Zaty sibuk sekarang ni .
korang tinggalkan jejak korang atau apa2 pun kat sini. . Zaty akan jejak korang balik okay .
btw jangan korang ingat zaty sombong pulak okay .
terima kasih :)

p/s : HE's MINE ><

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